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Food Prep for Happy Chefs

Just as every child must learn to walk before they can run, every chef must learn to chop, slice, dice, mine, and julienne before they can cook.

In this fast-paced but educational course, you'll learn the quickest, most effective ways to prepare 19 common (and a few not so common) ingredients to get you mastering your favorite recipes in no time.

Course Overview

Basic Knife Skills

  • Basic Knife Skills (Part I)
  • Basic Knife Skills (Part II)

Efficient Fruit Prep

  • How to Slice an Apple
  • The Best Banana Prep
  • Separating an Orange
  • How to Prep a Pear
  • Cutting Kiwi
  • Passion Fruit Prep

Very Fast Vegetables

  • Onion Chopping for Pros
  • Cutting Brussel Sprouts
  • Prepping Peppers
  • Cutting Carrots
  • Cutting Up Broccoli
  • Prepping Potatoes
  • Prepping Green Beans
  • Zucchini Preparation

Making Meat Prep Manageable

  • Prepping a Whole Chicken
  • Fast Salmon Fillet
  • Perfect Lobster Prep
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